Housekeeping Services

The word "housekeeping" refers to the upkeep and maintenance of cleanliness and order in a house or a lodging establishment such as inn, hotel, apartel, condominium, resort, dormitory or a hospital.

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Security Service Management

We have a team of professionally trained security personnel securing impressive clients. Our Security Guards are trained to guard the premises round the clock, with constant support from an area control room.

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Pest Control Services

Only the best can get your place rid of pests. We equipped with the latest technology, environmental friendly methods and several years of expertise to provide a complete and long-term elimination of pests.

About Us

Our Facility organization is a Government registered concern under vanangaaman security service. We would extend our service by providing good, efficient, able, dedicated and sincere service. The personnel working in our concern is covered by PF and ESI Act. We, THE Vanangaaman security service, can give satisfactory solutions and services to meet your needs.

Vanangaaman Security Services

Are ready to Protect your spaces with clean by Expert Housekeeper's and Secured by Professional Securities.