Security Service Management

We have a team of professionally trained security personnel securing impressive clients. Our Security Guards are trained to guard the premises round the clock, with constant support from an area control room. The curriculum covers access control, alarm setting and response to alarms, fire prevention & first aid, patrolling, monitoring through CCTV etc. In addition to the Professional Training, every individual is also imparted “On the Site Training” in handling issues as per the client’s requirements / ground conditions, on the following:

When you want to protect yourself from the shrewd operators of the fast-paced cities, you need professionals like Vanangaaman Security services by your side offering dependable security guard services A security guard is to protect the employing party’s assets (property, people, equipment, money, etc.) from a variety of hazards (such as waste, damaged property, unsafe worker behaviour, criminal activity such as theft, etc.) by enforcing preventative measures.
There are certain circumstances and situations that necessitate having a uniformed security guard escort you, your employees or your customers from one location to another. We have seen by experience that the presence of escort guards dramatically reduces the chances of you or your people from becoming needless victims of crime or accidents. We provide Escort Security guard services for VIP protection, celebrity escort security, protection for celebration and other functions arranged in affordable packages. We prove beneficial because fully experienced, physically fit, fully trained escort Security officer Services are provide Our security Escorts are ensure personal protection to clients ,Review clients plan, keep bystanders at safe distance, perform security checks, Survey surroundings, Identify and defuse potential danger, defend clients, React quickly and effectively in emergencies
A fire accident is dangerous and unpredictable causing immense damage to life, property and valuables. Every establishment needs to take precautions and adopt fire control measures. We are proficient in fire protection and disaster management. We undertake fire audits, premises surveys, provide trained fire-fighters and conduct mock drills, along with installation as well as maintenance of fire hydrant systems and fire-fighting equipment. Our Fire Protection services include
  • Provision of trained fire guards
  • Training of company staff in fire prevention and fire fighting
  • Installation and maintenance of hydrant systems and fire-fighting equipment
  • Conduct and practice evacuation drills
  • Fire audit and survey
  •  Work-place violence incidents
  • High-risk terminations
  • Reduction-in-force & related labour incidents
  • Electronic Surveillance
  • Counter-surveillance measures
Our management staffs are with the capabilities to conduct Facility Assessments and Vulnerability Summary Reports. We specialize in manned guarding security provisions and provide all our clients with discreet, trained and experienced staff who understand the need to be professional. We also provide male and female security officers in order to offer you optimum choice and flexibility.
In today's' scenario of intrusion, unsuspected attacks and thefts, security planning is incomplete without intelligent deployment of technology. Technology can solve lot of issues which human beings can never handle effectively. To provide complete solution in domain of security, we offer an exhaustive range of electronic systems which would provide much needed strength to human guarding. We develop comprehensive surveillance control systems and management solutions which deliver feature-rich camera management, intelligent detection and delivery and the most advanced means of video monitoring. We suggest and implement following systems for any commercial / industrial / business establishment after security survey, planning team provides solutions keeping in view the threat perception topographic and demographic areas in the vicinity. 1. Surveillance / CCTV System (Best quality cameras and DVR systems) 2. Access Control System for doors / gates (Card based, fingerprint based and related solutions) 3. Fire Alarm System (Conventional, addressable or wireless solutions) 4. Burglar Alarm System (Wired / wireless Solutions with variety of sensors) 5. Attendance & Employee tracking with doors / gates automation (RFID and UHF solutions) 6. Public Address System (Speakers / amplifiers with announcement priority & zones) 7. Wireless Intercom System & IP Telephony (Dedicated intercom with one to many hand held wireless solution) 8. Visitor Management & Parking Management Sy
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