House Keeping Management

Housekeeping Services division is responsible for the upkeep of Offices, Hospitals, Pubs, Hotels, Cineplex’s, IT Parks, Airports, Libraries and Industrial Units. The company offers a one-stop solution to all housekeeping needs. Our trained manpower with sophisticated equipment consistently delivers way ahead of our client’s expectations.
We are committed to provide professional, personal, preferential and flexible housekeeping services which suit your requirement. We have a professional team at clean care services whose background is verified & validated.
Driven by customer satisfaction, Environment friendly practices are used at clean care services across all the facilities. We carry with us wide range of experience spanning decades in the line of business providing on time, efficient and effective maintenance solutions and cleaning services.

  Being the eminent part of the hospitality industry, we are able to cater our valued customers a quality and prompt range of Cleaning Services. Latest equipment and modern machines are used while offering these services. The professionals deployed in this arena are well versed in handling various housekeeping activities such as floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, glass cleaning and various other services. Customers can easily avail these services at affordable prices Cleaning Service include vacuuming, trash removal, floor care, restroom cleaning and interior glass cleaning of the premises.
Our services in facility management include complete building care and housekeeping which are offered to various corporate and many other clients. Our Specialty maintenance services like Carpets shampoo Cleaning, Floor scrubbing & polishing are offered for various Software companies and other corporate clients. We are operated by specially trained technicians to carry out works on the Floor, carpet, and Furniture etc.
  We undertake pest control, rodent control, measures at your premises to enjoy a peaceful atmosphere. Only the best can get your place rid of pests. We equipped with the latest technology, environmental friendly methods and several years of expertise to provide a complete and long-term elimination of pests.
  • General pest control
  • Removal of cobwebs and spider treatment
  • Treatments to remove mosquito/flies
  • Treatments to remove cockroaches
  • Rodent control treatments
  • Snake control treatments
  • Termite control treatments
Having a garden is a much priced possession. The hobby of gardening may be highly beneficial as it reduces the stress and boredom of daily monotonous life and also makes the surroundings beautiful. We offer excellent Gardening Maintenance that suit the fancy and taste of each and every nature lover.
  • Operations & Management of Daily Schedules
  • Periodic Maintenance
  • Renewal / Replanting
  • Improvement of Aesthetics
  • Periodic Manuring & Nutrition
  • Periodic Pesticide Control
  • Maintenance of Indoor Plants
  • Hard Landscapping - Footpaths, Road Surfaces, Courtyard Paving, Steps to Entrances, Car Parking Areas, Kerbs, Edgings and Pre-formed Channels, Fencing, Gates and Boundaries
  • Soft Landscapping - Grassed Areas, Horticultural Works, Office Plants and Flowers, Cut Flowers

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